Why Excell

During Customer Appreciation Week in 2018 (10 Year Anniversary) we asked the parents what they love about Excell.  Some of the answers are below:

  • Staff, food, love, safe environment  – Rokita J.
  • Great teachers – Ashley K.
  • The attention that my child receives – Jonathan S.
  • Everything about Excell – Clarence W., Amber J.
  • The Christian environment and that the children can stay with their friends from class to class.  – Raina G.
  • The consistency with the learning curriculum for the children. – Travis M.
  • How Excell works with you and how they educate the kids. – Shawanna G.
  • Excell does a great job. Their program is amazing. I see the growth in my daughter, not only educationally, but just in her as a person. – Kimberly J.
  • Great school, great people, great service.  – Steve W.
  • Instilling Christian values in children and keeping children engaged in different activities. – Jennifer J.
  • My grandson has grown spiritually and academically. I love the teachers, parents and admin staff. – Nancy W.
  • I love the schedule, fees and activities.  Cleveland M.
  • That my son is learning and everyone treats us like family. Reatta C.
  • We love Excell. I hope this school will remain open for 10 more years. Let’s aim to recruit and maintain great teachers to uphold the quality of education.  I love the enrichments programs and the quality of fieldtrips. – Sharita F.

March 8, 2014 – 4gabby

Great school with Christian values

My child was three when she started writing her name. The school is clean and very professional. The communication is awesome. The teachers start to teach them blends and prep them well for kindergarten. I travel fifteen miles to send my daughter to the school. There is one teacher per class but the behavior is managed well. The administrators are very professional and the front desk staff greets us every morning.

November 10, 2015 – Mr. B

I sent both of my daughters to Excell at 1.5 years and they have had positive experiences. Just to put things in prospective, we moved my oldest into public school for K. She is achieving on a high level and is among the brightest in her class. We are involved as parents so I can say it’s all due to Excell but she did get a lot of exposure from great teachers who cared. The curriculum even at the young age is rigorous with homework given out almost every night starting at Pre K I believe. When she left she was ready!

The facility is nice and well organized. The staff is nice and helpful. It’s christian based and the really live up to their mission. The hours of operation are great.

Overall, we are glad we sent our kids to Excell.

October 21, 2015 – Janet H

Excell Preparatory is an awesome school to send your child too. They are very attentive to your child/children. The learning curriculum is great… the school literally gives real work to the kids (unlike other schools my children has attended). The teachers are welcoming and warm hearted, they are Christians that try their very best to make the children do good at all times.
I love this school very much …I would recommend this facility any day….

August 2, 2016 – Miranda R

My son attends the school as an infant. Within a week his development jumped because he was in an active and stimulating environment. The teachers put great effort into room design and set up to create a learning environment even for infants. I’m more than satisfied.

December 28, 2017 – Mary P

My son began at Excell when he was just over a year old.  He entered the Toddler B class and I was immediately thrilled with the establishment.  Not only were the teachers kind, loving and very patient, but they exhibited a level of professionalism that in my experience is unmatched in the area.  They call when my son is absent to check up on him, they start potty training well before the age of 2, and they develop excellent relationships with the kids.  When I had my second child, I was so glad to already have a safe and caring facility to watch him.


This school and its teachers and staff are an absolute blessing to our family.

January 26, 2018 – Mary and Richard P

Hi Ms. Nelson and the Excell Team,

It is with a heavy yet grateful heart that we must inform you that our last day at Excell Prep will be on February 9th. You may know that we have moved from Stone Mountain into Decatur and the commute has been severely taxing on us. We stayed as long as we did because of our adoration for the Excell Prep Family- the teachers, administrators and fellow Excell Prep families.  The time has come where we need to transfer the boys to a closer facility. 

In 2015, we were so excited for our 1st born to join Excell and our expectations were continually surpassed.  Not only was he loved and cared for by his teachers, but he was quickly absorbed into the Excell community.  He has been exceedingly happy there, as have we.  

When our 2nd born came along, we continued to be impressed by and confident in Excell’s quality of care.  His teachers took wonderful care of him. Not only were both of our boys clearly loved and cared for at Excell, but they have also been well-educated.  They are ahead of friends their age in regards to letters, numbers and even abstract concepts.  Thank you.

As I am writing this, I am filled with bitter-sweet emotion.  I am so grateful for having Excell – you were a God-send to our family.  Leaving Excell is truly like leaving family.  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our boys. We are eternally grateful.  

Thank you,

Mary and Richard P