About Excell Prep

Our Mission

To Educate & Train Young Children Academically, Spiritually, Mentally & Socially

We believe in aggressively preparing our children for each level of development. We use developmentally appropriate practices while building self-esteem, self-help skills, and confidence in a nurturing and loving environment.

We believe that the classroom is a mini-society and that teaching should help children establish the skills and talents necessary to reach his/her fullest potential; while feeling loved and secure. Excell Preparatory Center provides various avenues for each child’s future success in the larger, high-tech, international society. Our teaching reflects a high regard for each child’s uniqueness, with respect and understanding of societal and cultural diversity. We provide a sensitive, caring, professionally trained staff, dedicated to working in partnership with parents and families.

—Our Faculty & Staff

Excell Promises...

To honor your role as a parent and to partner with you in the care and development of your child! We work to make sure that you feel completely confident and reassured every time you leave your child in our care. We value your child as a unique individual to be nurtured, protected, and respected at all times.

Excell Preparatory Center offers talented, dedicated educators that are committed to caring for your child.

We encourage you to watch as your child develops a genuine love of learning and a rich and active imagination while under our care and instruction. Your child will be able to develop strong bonds with our teachers as well as with other children.

We provide regular communication with you, so that you may share in the joy of your child’s experiences here at our Center, and we will listen carefully and respond quickly to any of your questions or concerns. It is our privilege to serve your family!

“You are Blessed to be a Blessing”

—Elizabeth H. Nelson, Executive Director

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