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The Curricula...

Excell Prep utilizes a blend of two excellent curricula. A Beka Book, known for its reading and Bible components and Pinnacle, known for its developmentally appropriate practices. Kindergarten and above will use strictly A Beka Book  curriculum. Infants through 2 years will utilize Pinnacle, 3K & 4K will utilize a combination of Pinnacle and A Beka Book. Both curriculums include the latest materials and methods in keeping with modern and traditional techniques.

A Beka Book curriculum has a strong technological foundation designed to introduce children to the computer age. These materials and methods combined have evolved into an accelerated learning program. It compares to the highest models of other private schools curricula, in that it prepares students academically in an advanced program of instruction.  It also, presents a greater level of mastery in language, mathematical concepts, and science and computer skills at an earlier age than most public schools.

Pinnacle Curriculum is an early childhood curriculum designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that adhere to NAEYC guidelines.  It offers clearly stated learning objectives to help facilitate learning in all domains with flexible programming to accommodate varied learning styles.  It utilizes carefully selected themes that capture children’s interest. Its interactive activities help children develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun.

“Our Greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of Our Children.”

Walt Disney